In 1996 the Paspaley Group was seeking a hangar to accommodate the fleet of Paspaley Pearling Turboprop Grumman Mallards at Darwin airport; it was with this that the Group made the decision to purchase the non-commercial airline operations.

Today this division is known as Paspaley Aviation. Paspaley Aviation now operates a group of specialist aviation services including air ambulance, search and rescue, flight inspection/calibration and oil and gas industry support along with private and business charters.


With an excellent safety record, Paspaley Aviation takes pride in offering outstanding service. The business today has evolved into a significant aviation company with multiple interests and partners spanning the region.

The main base for Paspaley Aviation operations is Darwin International Airport, supported by additional bases in Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, and Essendon.
The Grumman Mallard aircraft remains an integral part of the business, servicing the pearl farms which are at the core of Paspaley Group operations.

A Mallard over the north-west coast of Australia
A Mallard over the north-west coast of Australia